International Programs for Local Students

Politeknik Negeri Malang (Polinema) aspires to be an outstanding vocational higher education institution with a global reputation. To widen the opportunity for internationalization, Polinema launches International Program in some departments: Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Accounting, Business Administration, and Mechanical Engineering. These Departments offer Diploma 4 of International Program or Bachelor degree. The study will take four years for theory and practice.

The Uniqueness of IP Polinema
• It uses English as teaching and learning medium of instruction.
• The curriculum resembles the regular program; however, the final project is written and examined in English.
• The student of IP Polinema are those selected from high academic achievers and have passed the English
requirements, and interview.
• The students are required to participate in Overseas Academic Program (OAP).
• It builds international academic exposure environment.

  • Tuition Fee
  • Engineering Programs IDR 5.000.000,-
  • Social Programs IDR 4.750.000,-
    Overseas Fee
    overseas academic program IDR 10.000.000-35.000.000 (It depends on the choosen program)
    • summer camp
    • international internship
    • credit transfer

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