Socialization of Double Degree Programs

Polinema opened Double Degree International Program in collaboration with Management and Science University of Malaysia (MSU), Shandong University of Science and Technology, Shenyang Aerospace University, and Shenyang Jianzu University China. In order to socialize this program, Polinema conducted Socialization of the Double Degree International Program for Polinema students at the Seminar Room, in the 8th Floor of Civil Engineering Building.

The socialization, which was attended by Polinema students, was officially opened by Vice Director I of Polinema, Supriatna Adhisuwignyo, ST, MT. The speakers of the event were the Head of Office of International Affairs, Hilda Cahyani, SS, M.Pd, Ph.D and the Coordinator of the Double Degree Program in China, Drs. Siswoko, M.MT, MM.

“Polinema recently has been very concerned with education, especially related to the campus internationalization program as it is in accordance with Polinema’s vision to become a leading vocational higher education institution in global competition.

In 2018 Polinema opened international classes with a total of 14 foreign students and  16 foreign students in 2019, “said Supriatna. Supriatna further said that Polinema had several programs in the context of campus internationalization, including the Double Degree program which had begun in 2019. With the Double Degree program, it was hoped that Polinema students would have experience studying abroad.

In her presentation, Hilda Cahyani explained that the double degree program is an exclusive program in universities that enables graduates to obtain a double degree and be able to compete at the international level. 

Meanwhile Siswoko said that international experience was a very valuable experience in the Double Degree Program. For the double degree program in China, besides being able to improve their English language skills, international students can also learn Mandarin. The socialization program was closed with testimony by Polinema students who are currently undergoing a double degree program in China.

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