Campus Facilities

State Polytechnic of Malang offers various campus facilities to support both academic and non-academic activities. The lecture rooms with adequate theoretical and practical facilities, clean and comfortable condition, and strategic campus location in the central educational area of the city that it offers easy access to reach the campus with public transportation emphasize State Polytechnic of Malang’s advantages and strengths. In the front part of campus area there is an ATM center with various ATMs of a number of national banks.

Polinema is committed to improving its facilities in order to support teaching and learning as well
as students’ activities. The educational institution facilities may be one of the parameters for quality
assessment. The facilities to support the learning processes in Polinema are:

  1. Internet access
  2. Wi-Fi network
  3. Supportive classrooms
  4. Well-equipped laboratories in each department or study program
  5. LCD in every classroom and relevant laboratory
  6. Active board-equipped laboratories


All activities of Polinema are oriented to supporting the academic process with the target of
equipping students with high knowledge and skills. Polinema realizes that to reach the target, the
physical health of the students is an essential factor. Various sports facilities are available in the
campus area, such as volley ball court, mini soccer field, and basketball court. Badminton court is
located in Pertamina Hall and the table tennis facility is in the Auditorium of AH Building. Meanwhile, basketball court is in Graha Polinema Building. All facilities can be accessed by students between class hours.


Every Polinema student has the right to access Polinema Polyclinic for health consultation. With
adequate facilities and competent health staff, it provides excellent health services to the students.
Besides the students, Polinema’s staff and lecturers can also access the health services. In each
department and study program, Polinema provides a first aid kit box for emergency.

Medical centre

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Student Organizations

Student organizations at Polinema enrich students’ managerial and social experience and skills.
Student activities in the organizations are aimed at nurturing students’ self-confidence,
communicative competence, responsibility and independence; improving positive attitude oriented
to gaining optimal achievements; and increasing students’ capability to innovate and think

Students organizations are classified into four divisions: education and reasoning division, interest
and talent division, student welfare division, and student and alumnae development division.

Education and Reasoning Division

This division is in charge of activities focusing on professionalism, creativity, and mastery of science
and technology. The activities include:

  • Institutional Research
  • Academic Seminar
  • Scientific Writing Competition (Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah/LKTI)
  • Student Alternative Work Contest
  • Robotic Contest
  • Student Management Skill Training (Latihan Ketrampilan Manajemen mahasiswa/LKMM)

Interest and Talent Division

This division is in charge of all activities developing and fostering interests and talents to improve
spirit, creativity and idealism. The activities are among others:

  • Sports
  • Arts and Culture
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Campus Radio
  • Campus Press

Student Welfare Division

This division is in charge of activities for upgrading and developing students’ welfare and
religiosity. The activities include:

  • Student Entrepreneurship
  • Religious affairs
  • Scholarship

Student and Alumni Development Division

This division is responsible for activities directed to orientation, comprehension, and training of
formulating social and community issues. The activities include:

  • Community Service
  • Training
  • Counseling
  • Alumni Reunion

Student organizations in Polinema are as follows:

  • Student Representative Board (DPM), Student Executive Body (BEM)
  • Department Student Association (HMJ), consisting of:
  • Electrical Engineering Student Association (HME)
  • Mechanical Engineering Student Association (HME)
  • Civil Engineering Student Association (HME)
  • Chemical Engineering Student Association (HME)
  • Accounting Student Association (HMAK)
  • Business Administration Student Association (HIMANIA)

Student Activity Unit (UKM), consisting of:

  • Student Activity Unit of Nature Lovers “Ganendra Giri”
  • Student Activity Unit of Campus Radio “PLFM” (Polinema FM)
  • Student Activity Unit of Campus Press “Kompen”
  • Student Activity Unit of Student Entrepreneurship “Usma”
  • Student Activity Unit of Arts “Theatrisic”
  • Student Activity Unit of Student Regiment
  • Student Activity Unit of Sports
  • Student Activity Unit of Education and Reasoning
  • Student Activity Unit of Bhakti Karya Mahasiswa (Community Dedication Student Association)
  • Student Activity Unit of Rispol (Polinema Islamic Student Association)
  • Student Activity Unit of KMK (Catholic Student Association)
  • Student Activity Unit of Talitakum (Christian Student Association)
  • Student Activity Unit of PASTI (Anti-Narcotics Student Association)