International Accreditation, CEO ASIC Visited Polinema

Lee Hamond, CEO ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities) visited Polinema on Thursday (02/13/2020). He was welcomed by Vice Director 4 of Polinema, Dr. Luchis Rubianto, LRSC, M.MT., in Meeting Room AA Building.

Lee and Luchis discussed the plan for Polinema International Accreditation in a meeting which was also attended by Head of International Office, Secretary and staff of Quality Assurance Unit and Expert Staff of Vice Directors I and IV.

Lee stated that he was glad to have an opportunity to visit Polinema and wished to visit Polinema again in near future. At the end of the meeting Luchis expressed that he hoped Polinema International Accreditation could be realized soon as a part of Polinema vision to be an internationally recognized higher education institution.

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