About International Program


Politeknik Negeri Malang (Polinema) aspires to be an outstanding vocational higher education institution with a global reputation. To widen the opportunity for internationalization, Polinema launches International Program in some departments – Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Accounting, and Business Administration. These Departments offer Diploma 4 of International Program or Bachelor degree. The study will take four years for theory and practice.

IP Polinema aims at catering the needs of local students to be internationally respected and giving the opportunity for foreign students to study at Polinema.

The uniqueness of IP Polinema

  1. It uses English as teaching and learning medium of instruction
  2. The curriculum resembles the regular program; however, the final project is written and examined in English
  3. The students of IP Polinema are those selected from high academic-achievers and have passed the English requirements, and interview test
  4. The students are required to participate in Overseas Academic Program (OAP)
  5. It builds international academic exposure environment

Departments and Study Programs (which provide international programs)

  1. Department of Information Technology, Study Program of D4 Informatics Engineering
  2. Department of Electrical Engineering, Study Program of D4 Electrical Engineering
  3. Department of Electrical Engineering, Study Program of D4 Digital Telecommunication Network
  4. Department of Civil Engineering, Study Program of D4 Construction Engineering Management
  5. Department of Accounting, Study Program of D4 Management Accounting
  6. Department of Business Administration, Study Program of D4 Marketing Management
  7. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Study Program of D4 Mechanical Production and Maintenance Engineering
  8. Department of Business Administration, Study Program of D4 English for Business and Professional Communication

Teaching and learning process regulation of IP Polinema

IP Polinema uses English as a medium of instruction in teaching and learning processes. The
academic culture and environment demand the students and lecturers to use English both inside
and outside the classroom.

The lecturers of IP Polinema are those who have the experience in overseas studies and living in
foreign countries. These lecturers are both eligible to teach content subject as well as to use English
as the medium of instruction.

All materials used in IP Polinema are in English. Examinations are also conducted in English.

The teaching method is focusing on student-centered learning in which students are doing active
learning. Some of the teaching approaches used are problem-based learning, project-based
learning, and blended learning which combines classroom learning with internet-based
independent learning activities.

Tuition Fees

Fees for local students

Tuition fee for local students is similar to that of the regular program. There is no additional charge
for each semester tuition. However, students are obliged to prepare self-funding for the Overseas
Internship Project (OIP) for at least two weeks in foreign countries. This requires the parents’
agreement to fill out the form of parents’ financial support agreement.

Fees for international students

Fees for international students are also equal to that of the regular program. International students
need to pay their tuition fee before starting the class.

  1. Fully funded: free tuition fee, living allowance
  2. Partly funded: only free tuition fee
  3. Private (no scholarship)

Note: Please contact our admission office

Kantor Urusan Internasional / Office of International Affairs

Politeknik Negeri Malang
Soekarno Hatta 09 Malang
East-Java 65141

Contact :
Email: kui@polinema.ac.id