Polinema, April 6, 2021

To achieve its vision to be a leading vocational higher education institution in the global competition, POLINEMA is striving to expand its international network. In the meeting room of AA Building, Director of POLINEMA signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) on Tuesday (6/4/2021).

The MoU signing was also attended by Vice Directors I, II and III, Expert Staff for Networking Affairs, Expert Staff for Academic Affairs, Head and Secretary of the Office of International Affairs, and Head of Public Relations unit. Representatives from PUP who attended the online MoU signing were the Director of Office of International Affairs, Chief of Exchange and Study Program, Chief of Partnership and Linkages, and Administrative Staff of Office of International Affairs.

The Director hopes that this collaboration will be mutually beneficial for both, POLINEMA and PUP. POLINEMA opens opportunities for collaboration to conduct student exchanges both online and offline.

Head of KUI POLINEMA, Hilda Cahyani, SS., M.Pd., Ph.D. said POLINEMA is developing its network with some countries in Southeast Asia region, including the Philippines.

“Last year, POLINEMA signed an MoU with Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College (ISPSC) Philippines which would be implemented this year by sending students for credit transfers to ISPSC,” she said.

In 2021, POLINEMA expands its networking with other universities in the Philippines, namely PUP, which is a large university with various majors and has approximately 17 thousand students. PUP also has a very wide international network. It is expected that there will be mutually beneficial cooperation for the two institutions. “Some of the departments at PUP are similar as those in POLINEMA, so in the future there will be cooperation in the form of student exchanges through credit transfers, visiting professors when there are international conferences, research and information sharing. POLINEMA opens opportunities for cooperation with international higher education institutions. In the near future, we will also explore cooperation with higher education institutions in Germany which will be bridged by Mr. Abdullah Helmy, Expert Staff for Networking Affairs,” she concluded. (Hum / YHS)


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