POLINEMA Receives International Accreditation

Twenty study programs from seven departments in Polinema receive International Accreditation from Accreditation Service For International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC).

This achievement is Polinema’s effort to realize its vision of becoming a leading vocational higher education institution in the global competition.

Director of Polinema, Drs. Awan Setiawan, M.MT., M.M., said that the preparation to achieve international ASIC accreditation was carried out for one year.

“There are 20 study programs from the total 29 study programs in Polinema that get ASIC international accreditation. The study programs that have not received international accreditation will be proposed next year. They are new study programs, “said the Director of Polinema.

Director of Polinema hopes that Polinema will be able to compete and cooperate with foreign universities. Based on the 2010-2034 Planning Road Map, currently Polinema is in the third stage, namely strengthening regional competition. International students in Polinema come from the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. Polinema also has double degree programs with Chinese and Malaysian campuses.

The Study Programs that receive ASIC international accreditation are:

1. Applied Master of Electrical Engineering

2. D-IV Study Program of Electronics Engineering

3. D-IV Study Program of Electrical System

4. D-IV Study Program of Digital Telecommunications Network

5. D-III Study Program of Electronics Engineering

6. D-III Study Program of Electrical Engineering

7. D-III Study Program of Telecommunications Engineering

8. D-IV Study Program of Mechanical Engineering Production and Maintenance

9. D-III Study Program of Mechanical Engineering

10. D-IV Study Program of Construction Engineering Management

11. D-III Civil Engineering

12. Applied Master of Accounting Information Systems

13. D-IV Study Program of Management Accounting

14. D-IV Study Program of Finance

15. D-III Study Program of Accounting

16. D-IV Study Program of Marketing Management

17. D-III Study Program of Business Administration

18. D-III Study Program of Chemical Engineering

19. D-IV Study Program of Informatics Engineering

20. D-III Study Program of Informatics Management

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