BTN and Polinema Supporting International Students

Malang – Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) gave a support to 24 international students of POLINEMA as a saving account Rp. 1.000.000. Besides, POLINEMA also gave these students a support package. This activity was held on Monday, April 5, 2021 at 18.30 WIB at Paramount Ballroom, Hotel Atria Malang. The event titled “BTN and Polinema Supporting International Students” was attended by the Mayor of Batu City, Hj Dra Dewanti Rumpoko Msi, as well as the Forkopimda (Local Government Coordination Forum).
This event was made not only to provide assistance to foreign students in Polinema alone, also to give them the spirit to continue learning and feel proud of the attention and concern of the campus and local government.
The assistance provided by BTN is a total of Rp24 million. “The assistance provided by BTN amounted to Rp1 million per person,” said Branch Manager BTN Malang, Surasta. The assistance will be given to 24 foreign students who still live in Malang. They have been unable to return to their home countries since the Covid-19 virus began to strike almost all countries in the world.

“The total number of international students in Polinema is 38 people, 24 are still in Malang, the rest have returned to their home countries,” said The Head of Polinema International Affairs Office (KUI), Hilda Cahyani SS MPd PhD. Hilda also said that since 2018 Polinema has opened an education program for foreign students. These foreign students come from countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The number of applicants to become foreign students in Polinema is highest in 2020. He hopes polinema foreign students can be increased because it can also make the state vocational campus in Malang can be better known in the international arena.

Moreover, Malang and its surroundings will also receive a positive impact from the increasing number of foreign students in Polinema. Not only in terms of economy, but regional development is believed to be more advanced in the future.

Head of UPT Humas Polinema, Dr Drs M Sinal SH MH MPd added that foreign students will also get a new experience where they can meet with local officials. “This is the first event for our foreign students. Where later they will meet with officials who can be a good experience for the students,” he said.

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