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Local Student

Departments and Study Programs (which provide international programs)

  1. Department of Information Technology, Study Program of D4 Informatics Engineering
  2. Department of Electronic Engineering, Study Program of D4 Electrical Engineering
  3. Department of Civil Engineering, Study Program of D4 Construction Engineering Management
  4. Department of Accounting, Study Program of D4 Management Accounting
  5. Department of Business Administration, Study Program of D4 Marketing Management

About Polinema

State Polytechnic of Malang (Polinema) is a vocational higher education institution specialized
in certain fields of knowledge. According to Article 15 of Law No. 20 Year 2003 on National
Education System, Vocational Education is a higher education that prepares students to have a
job with a certain maximum applied skills equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Polytechnic
education applies a course package designed to prepare graduates to be ready for work.
Therefore, the curriculum must be in line to cater what the industry needs, covering both hard
skills and soft skills.

Students’ hard skills are achieved through classroom process which consists of 40% theoretical
and 60% practical content courses, delivered through 5 +1 Competency-Based Curriculum for
the Diploma III Program and 7 +1 for the Diploma IV Program. In order to achieve the learning
goals, Polinema has small-sized classes with a maximum number of 30 students per class.

To develop students’ soft skills, Polinema education is directed to build the characters of
honesty, leadership, discipline, teamwork, and ingenuity in working (smart work). The students’
characters are always developed through problem solving practices. Moreover, discipline
character is formed through basic discipline education for new students, which are held at the
orientation program.

In accordance to Government Regulation No. 60 of 1999, graduates of Diploma III earn an
associate degree, called Ahli Madya abbreviated as A.Md., while the graduates of Diploma IV
obtain Bachelor of Applied Science degree or Sarjana Sains Terapan, abbreviated as S.ST. The
use of the graduate degree in the abbreviated form is placed after the full name of the graduate.

Course package requires students to take all courses designed in a certain semester. The
course package has the following characteristics: 1) Students take all courses designed for a
certain semester and must pass on every semester according to the rules; 2) Students are
required to pass a course determined on the basis of academic achievement, classroom
attendance, and compliance for following the order; 3) The number of hours per week for each
course is determined by the classroom objective.

International Programs of Polinema (IP Polinema)

To widen the opportunity for internationalization, Polinema launches International Program in
some departments – Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering,
Accounting, and Business Administration. These Departments offer Diploma 5 of International
Program or Bachelor degree. Polinema International Program aims at catering the needs of
local students to be internationally respected and giving the opportunity for foreign students to
study at Polinema. Today, there are vast opportunities for the world citizens to learn, as well as
experience local culture and traditions of Indonesia. This will widen students’ understanding and
enhance their social skills to be more adaptable when working in a multicultural society.


Have opportunities to join students exchange program/overseas internship project/sit-in at
overseas universities


  1. Senior High School (SMA/SMK) or equivalent (Graduates of 2019, 2018, 2017)
  2. Indonesian High School qualification with good academic records
  3. Having good English language proficiency, indicated by English Proficiency Test (provided by POLINEMA – four days before the announcement)
  4. Having good communication capability, as indicated by interview test (provided by Polinema)


  1. Schools should have “username” and “password” for non-test enrolment program/PMDK at Polinema
  2. If school does not have “username” and “password” can request at Polinema Website at
  3. Once school can log in, it should complete the form of school profile
  4. “Username” and “password” for the applicant will be automatically created by the system which then the school needs to distribute to the student/applicant
  5. The applicant who already has the “username” and “password” should log in to complete the application form, biodata, upload required documents
  6. Each applicant can choose two study programs at IP Polinema
  7. The applicant should save the registration proof


  1. High school academic records
  2. Certificates of Achievement


  1. Document Assessment
  2. English Proficiency Test
  3. English Interview Test


  1. School registration : 4 February – 6 April 2019
  2. Student online application : 4 February – 6 April 2019
  3. Registration : 4 February – 6 April 2019
  4. Announcement of Document Assessment: 16 April 2019
  5. English Proficiency Test : to be confirmed
  6. English Interview Test : to be confirmed
    * Schedules are subject to changes


  1. Applicants who pass the document assessment will be invited to further sit in English proficiency test and English interview test.
  2. Applicants who do not pass the tests will be automatically enrolled in Polinema regular program.

Contact Person: Bu Ike

Mobile Phone/WhatsApp number: +62821 3987 8746


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